Oracle Database Cloud Service 
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Oracle Database Cloud Service 

Код: 1Z0-160
продолжительность: 120 минут
Язык обучения: English
Тестовая система: Pearson VUE
Филиал: Москва


Exam Topics:

Getting Started with DBaaS

  • Identify how to request and activate a trial subscription to an Oracle Cloud service
  • Differentiate between  Oracle Database Cloud Services (Schema and DBaaS)
  • Recognize the difference between a DBaaS Instance and a Database Instance
  • Identify the steps, in order, for creating a DBaaS instance
  • Identify the two service levels provided by DBaaS
  • Identify the Oracle Cloud Service storage volumes and where they are allocated, when a DBaaS instance is created
  • ODB Software release: Decide which version to use, and which versions will NOT let you migrate to the Cloud
  • Identify the correct choice of which Oracle Database edition: Standard Edition One, Standard edition, Enterprise Edition, Express Edition, Personal Edition

DBaaS Administration: Admin DB Cloud Service Instances (tdbcs01)

  • Navigate with My Services Dashboard
  • Navigate with Database Cloud Console
  • Administer users/privileges needs for the Oracle Database Cloud instance
  • Administer storage/disks requirements of the Oracle Database Cloud instance
  • Patch your DBaaS instance
  • Configure network groups
  • Differentiate between oracle and OPC users
  • Configure connections to a VM through Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Configure SSH for Unix/Linux users
  • Enable access to a port in a VM
  • Use the default backup configuration
  • Customize backups
  • Use the bkup_api system utility to create an on-demand backup
  • Use the Cloud Service utility, dbaascli
  • Perform on-demand backups
  • Perform recovery from the latest backup
  • Use DBA Tools to configure an Xserver/Xterminal connection
  • Access the On-Instance Monitor  to monitor the Oracle Database Cloud Service instances
  • Display VM resource usage and Oracle Database status

Migrating to DBaaS

  • Describe the purpose of migrating on-premise databases to the cloud
  • Describe the supported Oracle database version and release migration compatibilities between the on-premise database and the pre-created DBaaS database
  • Describe the migration methods
  • Choose a Method for migration
  • Consider specific configurations

DBaaS Security

  • Network level security
  • User authentication and roles
  • Configure network settings through Oracle Compute Cloud Service
  • Explain the role of Network groups and instances
  • Create network groups and IP lists
  • Apply Access rules  
  • Generate a Secure Shell (SSH) Public/Private key pair
  • Create an SSH tunnel to a port in the virtual machine (VM)
  • Enable access to a port in the VM
  • Define a custom host name or domain name for a DBaaS Instance
  • Connect remotely to the DBaaS database using SQL*Net
  • Manage user access to Cloud services and in DBaaS database
  • Administer Oracle REST (Representational State Transfer) Data Services (ORDS)
  • Enable access to Oracle Application Express (APEX)
  • Enable access to Cloud Database Monitor

Performance and Scaling

  • Identify Scaling issues
  • Identify how to Avoid Scaling Operations
  • Identify When to Scale
  • Identify how to Scale a DBaaS Instance

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