Peoplesoft Enterprise 9 General Ledger
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Peoplesoft Enterprise 9 General Ledger

Код: 1Z0-228
продолжительность: 120 минут
Язык обучения: English
Тестовая система: Pearson VUE
Филиал: Москва


Exam Topics:

General Ledger Business Flow

  • Describe and perform the implementation plan of General Ledger
  • Describe PeopleSoft General Ledger and data
  • Set up the PeopleSoft General Ledger table structure
  • Describe the integration points between PeopleSoft General Ledger and other

PeopleSoft applications

  • Find related information in PeopleBooks

Planning and Creating PeopleSoft Trees

  • Understand PeopleSoft T
  • Manage PeopleSoft Tree Structures
  • Manage PeopleSoft Trees
  • Use Tree Utilities

Processing General Ledger Data

  • Use Journal Generator
  • Process on-line journals
  • Handle errors
  • Review journals

Performing Year End Close

  • Define PeopleSoft Year End Close and perform adjusting journals
  • Define ChartField value sets
  • Define closing rules
  • Process Year End Close and Run the Trial Balance
  • Manage Archive Objects and Templates to Data History

Implementing Document Sequencing for General Ledger

  • Define and Implement Document Sequencing

Creating the General Ledger Structure

  • Create General Ledger business units
  • Create and Apply General Ledger tableset sharing
  • Set up Journal Processing Options

Preparing for Journal Processing

  • Understand ledgers
  • Use ledger groups
  • Define ledgers for a business unit
  • Manage accounting periods
  • Use journal processing features
  • Set up Journal Sources, Classes and Speed Types
  • Use summary ledgers
  • Set up multibook processing
  • Define journal generator templates
  • Define accounting entry definition
  • Define Journal Entry Templates
  • Define Journal Sources, Classes, SpeedTypes

Maximizing PeopleSoft General Ledger Processing

  • Process journals - Reversals, Edits, Mark and Post, Unpost, Delete and Copy
  • Set up and using statistical codes and accounts
  • Use cross product drill downs in Journal entries and online inquiries
  • Compare across ledgers

Implementing Interunit and Intraunit Accounting

  • Select and define interunit and intraunit transactions.
  • Configure the Installation Options, Business Units, Ledgers, Ledgers for a Unit, Accounts, Transactions Codes
  • Configure Inter/Intraunit and Pairs Templates
  • Process and reconcile Interunit/Intraunit journals

Setting Installation Options and Common Definitions

  • Set up General Ledger Preferences
  • Establish User Preferences
  • Create Calendars - Business and Detail
  • Use ChartFields
  • Configure ChartFields
  • Use ChartField Inheritance
  • Set up Timespans

Implementing ChartField Combination Editing

  • Define combination edit definitions, rules and groups
  • Link and build the combination edit data tables
  • Maintain and Inquire combination edits
  • Decide on Combo Data Tables or Master Selector Tables

Importing Spreadsheet Journals

  • Configure your system for using Spreadsheet Journal Imports
  • Configure your Spreadsheet, Setting up Defaults and Options
  • Create, edit, delete, and copy Spreadsheet Journ
  • Import spreadsheet journals

Reporting Results with PS/nVision

  • Develop PS/nVision elements
  • Develop PS/nVision layouts
  • Run PS/nVision reports

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