Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking 12 Technical Implementation Essentials 
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Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking 12 Technical Implementation Essentials 

Код: 1Z0-413
продолжительность: 120 минут
Язык обучения: English
Тестовая система: Pearson VUE
Филиал: Москва


Exam Topics:

Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Architecture

  • Describe Oracle FLEXCUBE Technical Architecture
  • Explain the different deployment options
  • Describe the hardware and software requirements

Oracle FLEXCUBE Installation using installer

  • Describe Naming Conventions
  • Set up Database server
  • Set up Application server
  • Set up client machine

Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Implementation

  • Perform Environment Management
  • Perform Release Management
  • Apply source control using Version Control System
  • Use Parametrization sheets
  • Use migration template, approach and scripts
  • Apply debugging techniques
  • Deploy fixes and new releases
  • Set up a migration approach

Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Interface

  • Explain outbound Integration Architecture
  • Explain inbound Integration Architecture
  • Explain the generic interface for the ASCII file upload
  • Install Gateway interfaces and set-up related components


  • Explain the Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Reporting strategy
  • Describe the architecture of OBIEE
  • Create the repository module, physical layer and business model mapping
  • Configure the presentation layer, user privileges and groups
  • Develop Reports using ANSWERS
  • Configure the dashboards
  • Explain Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP) administration
  • Develop templates and reports using BIP

End of Day (EOD)

  • Describe the stages in Oracle FLEXCUBE End of Day operation
  • Monitor End of Day in Oracle FLEXCUBE
  • Set up the mandatory program for each branch in Oracle FLEXCUBE
  • Set up mandatory reports for each branch in Oracle FLEXCUBE

Process Workflow

  • Set up the Process Workflow in Oracle FLEXCUBE
  • Integrate Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) with Oracle FLEXCUBE

Enterprise Limit and Collateral Management (ELCM)

  • Set up the Enterprise Limit and Collateral Management (ELCM) Application
  • Integrate ELCM application with Oracle FLEXCUBE

Switch Gateway (ATM and POS)

  • Set up the Switch Gateway.
  • Integrate the Switch Gateway Interface with Oracle FLEXCUBE to support ATM and POS interfaces.
  • Describe different transaction supports in the Gateway Switch
  • Set-up the ATM / POS simulator with Switch Gateway

Electronic Messaging System (EMS)

  • Set-up the Electronic Messaging System Application
  • Integrate the Electronic Messaging System Application with Swift Alliance Gateway, Mail Server and Mobile SMS Notification
  • Configure different message delivery type options in EMS
  • Explain the Possible Duplicate Emission (PDE) check in SWIFT messages

Performance Tuning

  • Describe the tools and techniques for Performance Tuning (Trace/TkProf/AWR/Explain Plan)
  • Set-up the data purging in Oracle FLEXCUBE

Security Management System (SMS)

  • Setup SMS Maintenance
  • Manage User Access and Control
  • Manage user administration
  • Manage user privileges at various levels
  • Monitor Event Log

Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Development Workbench and Extensibility Feature

  • Describe the Oracle FLEXCUBE Development Workbench and the concept of Extensibility
  • Set up and deploy Oracle FLEXCUBE Development Workbench Tool
  • Explain the different layers of extensibility
  • Explain the release hierarchies
  • Set up the database side for different releases to determine hook package execution
  • Set up to bypass base functionality
  • Set up contract online extensibility using various online extensible handlers
  • Set up source maintenance in the version control system and deploy on top of the kernel and cluster sources

Screen Design using Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Workbench

  • Create a Function ID and set preferences
  • Set up Data Sources, Data Blocks and List of Values (LOVs)
  • Create, child screen, call forms and summary screen
  • Modify an existing Function ID
  • Change Labels, hide screens and other Items on the screen
  • Work with Screen Layouts
  • Generate and deploy relevant files
  • Integrate new screens with Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Application

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