Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c Essentials 
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Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c Essentials 

Код: 1Z0-432
продолжительность: 120 минут
Язык обучения: English
Тестовая система: Pearson VUE
Филиал: Москва


Exam Topics:

Overview of Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Real Application Clusters (RAC)

  • Describe the Oracle Clusterware architecture for Oracle RAC
  • Describe the Automatic Storage Management (ASM) architecture
  • Describe RAC Architecture and Processing
  • Describe Server Pools and Policy Managed Databases
  • Describe an Oracle RAC environment and the components
  • Explain considerations for deploying Oracle RAC databases

Installing a RAC Environment

  • Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Upgrade Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Configure Storage for Grid Infrastructure and RAC
  • Configure the Operating System for Grid Infrastructure and RAC
  • Configure Networks for Grid Infrastructure and RAC
  • Install Grid Infrastructure for a cluster
  • Complete the Grid Infrastructure post-installation procedures
  • Upgrade to Grid Infrastructure 12cR1
  • Clone Oracle RAC

Automatic Storage Management

  • Explain the Oracle ASM Cluster Configuration with Oracle RAC
  • Describe Oracle ASM Disk groups and components
  • Explain how ASM protects data integrity using mirroring and failure groups
  • Explain file storage in Oracle ASM and the types of files that are supported
  • Describe online storage reconfigurations and dynamic rebalancing in ASM
  • Perform disk maintenance on disk groups
  • Perform mount and dismount operations 
  • Explain allocation units and their importance in ASM
  • Define best practices and prepare storage resources for Oracle ASM
  • Configure Multipathing
  • Use ASMLIB to configure storage
  • Use ASMCA, ASMCMD, SRVCTL to manage Oracle ASM

Cloud FS

  • Define the Oracle ASM Storage Layers
  • Define ACFS Best Practices
  • Manage Oracle ACFS with Command-Line Tools
  • Create an Oracle ACFS File System 
  • Manage Oracle ACFS and Oracle ADVM with ASMCA
  • Use the Oracle ASM Dynamic Volume Manager
  • Manage Oracle ACFS Snapshots
  • Define how Oracle ACFS integrates with Oracle ASM

Managing and Monitoring Oracle RAC Environments

  • Use SRVCTL or SQL*Plus to manage an Oracle RAC environment
  • Monitor and perform administration tasks on an Oracle RAC using Enterprise Manager
  • Stop and start Instances using SRVCTL, CRSCTL or SQL*Plus
  • Perform instance recovery in Oracle RAC
  • Manage the Oracle Local Registry (OLR)
  • Explain RMAN Restore Scenarios for Oracle RAC
  • Handle failures in Oracle RAC
  • Add and delete nodes in an Oracle RAC
  • Manage an Oracle Clusterware environment with available tools and utilities 
  • Add, move, or delete instances and services
  • Check Oracle Clusterware and RAC clusters for problems

Oracle Clusterware Overview

  • Describe Oracle Cluster Configuration
  • Use the Oracle Cluster Registry to store and manage information in Oracle Clusterware
  • Describe the Cluster Ready Services Technology Stack
  • Describe the High Availability Services Technology Stack
  • Explain Oracle Clusterware version compatibility
  • Explain how Server Pools work
  • Use Server Pool Attributes to create a server pool
  • Describe the difference between a standard cluster and an Oracle Flex Cluster
  • Change a standard Cluster to an Oracle Flex Cluster
  • Add nodes to a cluster
  • Implement best practices around OCR location configuration

RAC Networking

  • Identify network requirements for Oracle RAC
  • Describe IP address types
  • Explain the Single Client Access Name feature (SCAN)
  • Implement cluster interconnect best practices
  • Describe services using server pools
  • Describe the Grid Naming Service (GNS)
  • Convert cluster networks using DNS to GNS
  • Perform workload management with Dynamic Database Services

RAC 12c New Features

  • Implement the available Oracle Flex ASM Configurations
  • Migrate OCR and voting files from raw to Oracle ASM
  • Configure Oracle ACFS and Oracle ADVM in Oracle Flex ASM
  • Use the What If Command Evaluation
  • Set up Oracle Flex ASM
  • Perform administrative tasks on Oracle Flex ASM
  • Change the mode of a standard Oracle Clusterware to an Oracle Flex Cluster
  • Describe Flex ASM architecture
  • Use SRVCTL to manage Flex ASM
  • Describe the effects of failure in Flex Clusters

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