Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager 6.0 Essentials 
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Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager 6.0 Essentials 

Код: 1Z0-433
продолжительность: 120 минут
Язык обучения: English
Тестовая система: Pearson VUE
Филиал: Москва


Exam Topics:

Solution/Product Overview

  • Describe Oracle Storage Archive Manager (SAM) and where SAM fits into Oracle's strategy 
  • Differentiate Tiered Storage  between Oracle's portfolio and competitors
  • Describe the minimum environment requirements for Storage Archive Manager
  • Describe the basic product components of Oracle's Tiered Storage Solution (Solaris, SAM, Disk, Tape)
  • Demonstrate the interdepencencies of the product components in a SAM Tiered Storage solution
  • Describe the Quick File System (QFS)
  • Describe the SAM utilities commonly used in a Tiered Storage Implementation

Positioning the Solution

  • Articulate the value proposition for SAM within an Oracle Tiered Storage solution offering
  • Articulate key positioning statements for product
  • Describe product benefits and impacts on the customer's financial position (i.e. top-line and bottom-line)
  • Demonstrate how the product will benefit and impact a customer's operation

Product Area Features and Functions for Technical Individuals

  • Provide a technical definition for Storage Archive Manager
  • Provide an overview of key hardware and/or software product components of an implementation of Oracle Tiered Storage
  • Define the features and functions of Storage Archive Manager and QFS and describe the design elements that differentiate these products in the target market
  • Apply product features, capabilities, and benefits to customer business needs
  • Describe the key design elements of SAM-QFS that are unique
  • Describe the disk and tape requirements for SAM
  • Describe SAM Archive Policies and SAM Monitoring requirements

System Architecture

  • Describe the type of hardware on which the solution / product runs
  • Outline the system requirements needed to build the solution
  • Describe a typical system architecture model
  • Describe integration options and technology used by the solution
  • Demonstrate the product interdependencies; e.g. Solaris requirements for metadata servers, FC, tape, etc. 
  • Apply SAM-QFS concepts to Solaris interfaces and file system 
  • Analyze the workload specific architectures for different environments and file structures
  • Apply SAM-QFS requirements to Tiered Storage
  • Describe the SAM Utilities required for Tiered Storage
  • Demonstrate remote archive concepts
  • Configure a SAM Tiered Storage solution based on customer requirements

Implementation Topics

  • Implement Common Implementation Scenarios based on use cases 
  • Create a solution scenario with archive policies 
  • Demonstrate recycle methods
  • Demonstrate LUN Management in Solaris
  • Configure a disk system for SAM
  • Configure a tape system for SAM
  • Create a QFS file system specific to the disk being used
  • Use the CLI to generate basic commands
  • Perform basic SAM performance tuning

Lab Exercises and Sample Business Cases

  • Install SAM and start the GUI
  • Configure SAM-QFS with Solaris
  • Configure a Disk to optimize Solaris and SAM functionality
  • Configure a Tape to optimize Solaris and SAM functionality
  • Configure network components to optimize Solaris and SAM functionality
  • Architect optimum solutions

Typical Use Cases

  • Create a solution for an Engineered Systems archive use case
  • Create a solution for a Generic Tiered Storage archive use case
  • Create a solution for a Health Care Implementation use case

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