Oracle Communications Session Border Controller 7 Advanced Implementation Essentials
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Oracle Communications Session Border Controller 7 Advanced Implementation Essentials

Код: 1Z0-445
продолжительность: 120 минут
Язык обучения: English
Тестовая система: Pearson VUE
Филиал: Москва


Exam Topics:

 Advanced Routing

  • Describe Session Border Controller (SBC) routing options and their uses
  • Configure management routing options to modify default behavior
  • Configure Application Layer Gateway (ALG) by static-flows

Advanced Dynamic Routing

  • Explain Domain Name Server (DNS) operation and query types
  • Set up DNS configuration on the SBC
  • Explain what is the purpose for using Electronic Numbering (ENUM)
  • Set up ENUM configuration on the SBC
  • Configure Local Routing Tables (LRT) on the SBC

Advanced Session Router

  • Explain traditional Class 4 networks
  • Explain an Open Session Routing (OSR)
  • Configure a Session Router (SR) as session-stateful, transaction-stateful, or transaction-stateless
  • Analyze traces for different SR modes noting the difference from the SBC

Advanced Business Trunking

  • Explain the business trunking principles and options
  • Configure Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) connect, trunk group URIs, and surrogate registrations on the SBC

Advanced Header Manipulation Rules (HMR)

  • Explain HMR rule set basics
  • Explain how HMRs are constructed and processed by the SBC
  • Create regular expressions (Regex)
  • Set up Regex within HMRs
  • Configure new features such as Mime, ISUP rules, and system variables

Advanced Media Handling

  • Explain media flows and how they are handled by the SBC
  • Describe access control options for media
  • Configure latching, symmetric-latching and restricted-latching
  • Configure Bandwidth Call Admission Control (CAC) and media traffic shaping
  • Use traffic policing for media
  • Set up Quality of Service (QoS) management and codec policing

Denial of Service (DoS) Protection

  • Explain Denial of Service attacks in different layers, and the threats against VoIP
  • Set up protection levels on the SBC (service, core infrastructure, the SBC)
  • Apply Constraints to messages to protect the core
  • Configure DoS protection mechanism within the SBC
  • Calculate parameter values for configuring DoS protection in the SBC
  • Configure dynamic and static access control
  • Test the behavior of DoS protection against various trust levels

Telecommunications and Cryptography

  • Describe VoIP vulnerabilities, including SIP call interception
  • Explain symmetric and asymmetric key cryptosystems
  • Describe authentication concepts: hash, digital signature
  • Manually calculate the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange algorithm
  • Describe the need for Certification Authorities (CA) and digital certificates

Introduction to IP Security (IPSec)

  • Explain the IPSec protocol suite; protocols and components
  • Test the IPsec modes of operations
  • Configure IPsec on the SBC
  • Explain the principles of Internet Key Exchange (IKE)
  • Analyze the IKE negotiation processes
  • Configure IKE and verify the process on the SBC

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

  • Explain TLS protocol and the applications of TLS
  • Describe TLS sub-layers, TLS sessions, and TLS key exchanges
  • Set up the SBC to process TLS
  • Configure the TLS features on the SBC

Secure Real Time Protocol (SRTP)

  • Explain Real Time Protocol (RTP) and Real Time Control Protocol (RTCP)
  • Analyze RTP and RTCP packet structures
  • Explain SRTP basics including key exchange, and Cryptographic Context
  • Analyze SRTP and SRTCP packet Structures
  • Set up SRTP operations on the SBC
  • Set up different SRTP topologies: including three types of SRTP terminations

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