Oracle Cloud Application Foundation Essentials
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Oracle Cloud Application Foundation Essentials

Код: 1Z0-468
продолжительность: 120 минут
Язык обучения: English
Тестовая система: Pearson VUE
Филиал: Москва


Exam Topics:

Cloud Application Foundation (CAF) Fundamentals

  • Describe Cloud Application Foundation concepts
  • Identify components of WebLogic Suite
  • Identify differences between WebLogic Server (WLS) SE, EE & Suite
  • Describe the problem domain of Coherence with WLS
  • Describe Oracle Cloud Computing business drivers
  • Describe Virtual Assembly Builder Studio features
  • Describe supported and custom Appliances for Virtual Assemblies
  • Describe ActiveCache (WLS and Coherence)

Coherence Development Fundamentals

  • Describe Use Cases for Coherence
  • Deploy the correct Cache Topologies
  • Understand how Coherence Clustering works
  • Describe how parititioning works in Coherence
  • Describe client types and usage
  • Describe POF and other models of Object Serialization
  • Understand how to configure different cache topologies and services
  • Understand basic Coherence key-based APIs
  • Integrate with a datasource

Advanced Coherence Development Topics

  • Create indexes to optimize filters
  • Describe a service
  • Describe when you would use Elastic Data
  • Perform a map-reduce operation
  • Explain advanced capabilities like eventing and processing to customer
  • Configure and use a Near Cache or Continuous Query Cache
  • Configure operational features like Quorum and Service Guardian
  • Perform concurrent operations against a cache
  • Integrate with TopLink Grid
  • Pre-load a cache
  • Write Coherence queries

Deploying and Debugging a Coherence Application

  • Configure a set of proxies
  • Architect a Coherence client tier
  • Apply best practices for performance tuning
  • Plan Capacity for a Coherence deployment
  • Debug network issues in Coherence deployments
  • Tune and size Coherence JVMs
  • Describe how to run a Coherence application
  • Debug a basic Coherence problem
  • Collect information for advanced Coherence troubleshooting
  • Explain how Oracle Enterprise Manager integrates with Coherence
  • Apply the Production Checklist

Monitoring and Managing WebLogic Server with Oracle Enterprise Manager

  • Describe the architecture and components within Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
  • Utilize the three primary functional areas that are addressed by Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control in regards to WLS management
  • Configure Enterprise Manager with WLS
  • Explain how to position WebLogic Management Pack EE
  • Configure Oracle Enterprise Manager to provide full stack visibility and application performance management for WLS
  • Explain how Java Virtual Machine (JVM) diagnostics provides full cross-tier diagnostics in production environments and why it is important
  • Configure Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to provide WLS patch automation
  • Utilize Oracle Enterprise Manager for lifecycle management (i.e. provisioning and cloning of WLS domains and Java applications)
  • Utilize the user experience management features provided by Oracle Enterprise Manager Real User Experience Insight
  • Describe the primary critical use cases for Oracle Enterprise Manager Business Transaction Management for WLS
  • Explain the key challenges that Oracle Enterprise Manager addresses with its configuration management features

Java VM

  • Explain the basics of Java VM
  • Explain the differences between HotSpot VM and Jrockit VM
  • Troubleshoot common performance problems
  • Describe different garbage collection schemes
  • Describe different VM tuning options
  • Utilize performance monitoring and profiling using JVM command line tools
  • Utilize advanced real-time performance monitoring, profiling and troubleshooting using Java Mission Control
  • Utilize Back-in-time analysis and troubleshooting using Java Flight Recorder
  • Design for Java application performance

Virtual Assembly Builder

  • Explain the business and IT challenges Virtual Assembly Builder helps with
  • Explain the advantages of assemblies over standalone VM templates
  • Create appliances and multi-tier assemblies
  • Customize an assembly at deployment time
  • Setup Virtual Assembly Builder Deployer and deploy a multi-tier assembly

Web Tier

  • Explain the basics of HTTP Server and Traffic Director
  • Design and configure Reverse Proxy with HTTP Server and Traffic Director
  • Secure HTTP Server and Traffic Director Environments
  • Perform basic troubleshooting of HTTP Server and Traffic Director

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