Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation 10 Essentials
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Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation 10 Essentials

Код: 1Z0-526
продолжительность: 105 минут
Язык обучения: English
Тестовая система: Pearson VUE
Филиал: Москва


Exam Topics:

Oracle BI and EPM System Overview

  • Describe Oracle's overall EPM System
  • Define and describe business analytics and business intelligence
  • Describe how OBIEE addresses business intelligence challenges
  • Identify and describe the Oracle Business Inteligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) products and components

OBI EE Architecture

  • Identify major components of the OBIEE architecture
  • Describe the function of each component

Oracle BI Installation

  • Explain system requirements, supported platforms and installation pre-requisites
  • Sucessfully install OBIEE

BI EE User Interface Overview

  • Describe Oracle BI Answers, Dashboards and Delivers
  • Use Oracle Answers to construct, modify, and save BI requests
  • Use Oracle Answers to construct, modify, and save Filters
  • Use Oracle BI Presentation Catalog to create and modify catalog folders

Dashboards and Answers Development

  • Use Intelligence Dashboard UI objects to construct an Intelligence Dashboard
  • Configure delivery devices
  • Add delivery profiles
  • Build Analytics alerts
  • Create iBots

Dimensional Modeling

  • Describe Data Warehousing
  • Describe Dimensions, Facts and Hierarchies

Oracle BI Repository Overview

  • Describe the three layers of the OBI Repository
  • Use the Administration Tool to view and modify the repository

Build Basic Repository

  • Define a System Data Source Name (DSN) for a data source
  • Build the Physical layer of the Repository
  • Build the Logical layer of the Repository
  • Build the presentation layer of the repository

Repository Testing and Deployment

  • Describe techniques for testing a repository
  • Execute steps to validate and test a repository

Complex Repository Modeling

  • Describe derived metrics and its use
  • Configure derived metrics based on existing logical columns
  • Configure derived metrics based on physical columns

Building a Repository with Multiple Sources

  • Add multiple sources to an existing logical table source for a dimension in the business model
  • Add a second table source to a dimension in the business model

Hierarchies and Level Based Measures

  • Create a dimensional hierarchy
  • Use level-based measures
  • Create a rank measure
  • Describe Aggregate tables and the purpose they serve
  • Create aggregate tables in the OBI repository

Using Variables

  • Describe session variables
  • Describe repository variables
  • Describe initialization blocks
  • Implement a dynamic repository variable

Using Non-Dimensional Data

  • Prototype using a spreadsheet
  • Model a non-dimensional data source

Implementation Methodology and Best Practices

  • Describe and apply a recommended approach for implementing Oracle BI
  • Identify various implementation phases
  • Employ Oracle recommended implementaion best practices

Oracle BI Security

  • Define authentication and authorization
  • Describe the different levels at which security is enforced
  • Configure security using Security Manager
  • Configure query governing controls

Cache Management

  • Explain the purpose of cache in OBI
  • Configure caching and manage cache files
  • Develop caching strategies

Performance Tuning

  • Describe the request and data flow in Oracle BI
  • Identify sources of performance bottlenecks and best practices for making improvements

MS Office Integration

  • Use MS Office plug in for Oracle BI
  • Identify the required components to enable office integration
  • Install and configure MS office server and client for Oracle BI

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