Oracle CRM On Demand Essentials
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Oracle CRM On Demand Essentials

Код: 1Z0-527
продолжительность: 150 минут
Язык обучения: English
Тестовая система: Pearson VUE
Филиал: Москва


Exam Topics:

Introduction to the Company Administrator Role

  • Define the role of the Oracle CRM On Demand Administrator
  • Locate the resources available for Administrators
  • Navigate to the administration pages in the application

Company Administration

  • Update the company profile and explain the effects of company default settings
  • Identify the default settings that can be changed in a user.s personal profile
  • Define Password and Security Controls
  • Set up additional languages and currencies
  • Post a My Homepage alert
  • Monitor user sign-in and other user activity

Visibility and Access Control

  • Identify the features that control visibility and data access

Manager Visibility

  • Define what is meant by a manager visibility structure and explain how it affects data access

Role Setup

  • Modify access profiles to control specific access rights to records
  • Copy, edit, and create roles to satisfy business requirements
  • Define Access for Related Information

User Setup

  • Create users with the correct roles and reporting assignments
  • Set up a sales quota for a user
  • Define Sales Quotas for Users

Books of Business

  • Describe the Book of Business feature and why you use it
  • Set up a book of business hierarchy
  • Give users access to books, and update roles and access profiles
  • Display and use the Book Selector
  • Add records to books

Customizing Fields

  • Document required customizations to fields
  • Create custom fields and re-label existing fields
  • Add or change picklist values
  • Set up cascading picklists
  • Configure field validation rules
  • Map lead conversion fields

Customizing Page Layouts

  • Describe how user roles affect page layouts
  • Create a static page layout
  • Create a related information layout
  • Create a dynamic page layout
  • Create Search, Homepage, and Lead Conversion layouts
  • Organize homepage lists
  • Customize audit trails
  • Update roles to use the new layouts

Extending the Application

  • Create a custom Web applet
  • Create a custom Web tab
  • Set up a Custom object

Product Administration

  • Create product categories and product lists
  • Customize product, asset, revenue, and opportunity product record types
  • Control which products can be associated with opportunities
  • Describe the relationship between products and assets
  • Set up products to enable product revenue forecasting

Forecast Administration

  • Differentiate among the different forecasting options
  • Set up a forecast schedule
  • Add participants to a forecast
  • Describe the effect of user roles and reporting structure on forecasts
  • Update and maintain forecasts

Creating Assignment Rules

  • Use templates to document assignment requirements
  • Describe how CRM On Demand evaluates assignment rules in an assignment rule group
  • Create assignment rule groups, rules, and rule criteria
  • Create territories and assign records to territories
  • Create account and opportunity teams automatically

Team Sharing

  • Describe how team record-sharing is used
  • Define delegated users

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