Primavera Portfolio Management Essentials
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Primavera Portfolio Management Essentials

Код: 1Z0-544
продолжительность: 120 минут
Язык обучения: English
Тестовая система: Pearson VUE
Филиал: Москва


Exam Topics:

Course #1 Primavera Portfolio Management End User Fundamentals

Introduction to Portfolio Management

  • Describe the concept of a Portfolio
  • Describe the main steps in the Portfolio Management Process
  • Describe the Building Blocks of Primavera Portfolio Management

Fundamentals of Primavera Portfolio Management

  • Navigate Primavera Portfolio Management
  • Update Preferences

Introduction to Portfolio and Folder Structures

  • Navigate Portfolio Structures
  • Use the Search Feature

Introduction to Forms

  • Identify Data Types in Forms
  • Enter and Save data in a data-entry field
  • Print and Export Forms

Introduction to Scorecards

  • Work with Scorecards and Portfolios
  • Use Direct Update
  • Print and Export Scorecards

Processes Pane Basics

  • Create Links (Portfolio Links, Document Links , WEB links, Text Links)
  • Edit My Processes

Introduction to Investor Maps

  • Customize the Investor Map
  • Utilize What-If Mode functionality

Work with Investor Maps

  • Use Filters
  • Find Specific Items

Introduction to Graphs and Dashboards

  • View a Dashboard
  • Modify graph information

Introduction to Workbooks

  • Access a Management Workbook
  • Navigate Management Workbook tabs

Course #2: Primavera Portfolio Management Advanced Topics Boot Camp

Section 1: Analytics

Create Scorecards

  • Create a new Scorecard
  • Apply Security Settings to the Scorecard

Query-Based Portfolios

  • Create a Query Based Portfolio

Work with Investor Maps

  • Create an Investor Map

Create Tables

  • Create Tables

Work with Graphs and Dashboards

  • Create Graphs
  • Create Dashboards

Work with Workbooks

  • Customize Management Workbooks

Section 2: Configuration

Work with Categories

  • Create and maintain Categories

Work with Value Lists

  • Create and maintain Value Lists

Work with Forms

  • Design Forms

Data Exchange between MS Excel and PPM

  • Copy and Paste from PPM to Excel
  • Copy and Paste from Excel to PPM

Work with Alerts

  • Create and maintain Alerts

Manage existing Folders, Portoflios, Objects and Items

  • Manage existing Folders, Portoflios, Objects and Items

Manage Users and User Groups

  • Manage Users and User Groups

Configure Hierarchies and Security

  • Configure Hierarchies and Security

Work with My Processes

  • Create and Maintain My Processes

Section 3: System Administration

Using the Admin Window

  • Use the Admin Window to manage the Portfolio Management System
  • Perform system administration tasks
  • Define and configure access settings

Use the PPM Console

  • "View the PPM Version and Status"
  • Start and Stop the PPM and Internet Information Server
  • "Manage PPM Databases"

Use the PPM Menu and Server Utilities

  • Determine which tasks are performed on only front-end, only back-end or on all the servers
  • Perform PPM Maintenance tasks
  • Perform Server Utilities tasks

Import and Export PPM Packages

  • Explain Packages concept
  • Perform import and export tasks

Section 4: Advanced Functions

Create and Maintain Functions

  • Create and Maintain Functions

Advanced Functions

  • Use the Advanced Functions Editor to create and edit functions

Basics of JavaScript

  • Use the Advanced Function Editor to create advanced functions

Section 5: Workflows

Introduction to Workflows

  • Describe key functional components of Portfolio Management Workflows

Create a Workflow

  • Access the Workflow Wizard
  • Enter General Workflow Information
  • Select Instance Defaults
  • Select a Manager

Design a Workflow (Steps and Tasks)

  • Design Workflow Steps and Tasks

Design a Workflow (Insert Decision Steps)

  • Insert Decision Steps

Assign Permissions and Test

  • Assign Permissions for the Workflow
  • Test a Workflow

Manage Workflows

  • View Workflows in the Guide Pane
  • Stop and Start Workflows
  • Edit a Workflow that is Running

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