Oracle Life Sciences Data Hub 2 Essentials
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Oracle Life Sciences Data Hub 2 Essentials

Код: 1Z0-556
продолжительность: 120 минут
Язык обучения: English
Тестовая система: Pearson VUE
Филиал: Москва


Exam Topics:

Intro/Navigating LSH

  • Log in and navigate in the systems (i.e. home page, applications tab and reports tab, search, advanced search)
  • Look for outputs, print outputs & submit jobs
  • Use Snapshots
  • Use Blinding, Blind Breaks and Dummy Data
  • Launch Visualizations
  • Installing work areas

Security & Classification

  • Assign Functional Security to users
  • Create and assign Security Roles, Users and User Groups
  • Create and use Security Subtypes
  • Assign Object Security and Classify Objects
  • Create Classification Hierarchies and Use Classification Subtypes

Load Sets and Tables

  • Load Data from Oracle Data Bases i.e. MoveData into LSH and Work with pass through views
  • Load Data from SAS i.e. from data sets and from transport formats
  • Load data from Text Files
  • IBuild Tables i.e. Columns, Variables, Constraints
  • Leverage Table Processing Types and Auditing
  • Perform Data Blinding
  • Use authorised tables

Programs & Pararameters

  • Create Programs i.e. program source codes, table descriptors, parameters, planned outputs
  • Use existing programs i.e. Searching, Copy and Move, Mapping, Upgrading Instances
  • Program with SAS i.e. Interactive Development Environment and SAS Macros and Formats
  • Program with PL/SQL i.e. Interactive Development and PL/SQL Function and Procedure Libraries
  • Program With Informatica
  • Program with Oracle Reports
  • Program with BI Publisher
  • Create Execution Setups
  • Execute jobs
  • Classify Planned Outputs
  • Use Parameters
  • Use programmatic LOVs and Validation

Business Areas, Report Sets, Workflows, and Data Marts

  • Create Business Areas i.e. Create Joins, Hierarchies or OBIEE, Oracle Discoverer, Jreview
  • Create Report Sets i.e. Entries, Parameter Propagation, Create Overlay Templates, Post Processing, Execution Setups and running
  • Create Workflows i.e. Create Transitions, design workflows, notifications, approvalsE
  • Create Data Marts

Validation and Production scenarios

  • Implement a Validation Lifecycle i.e. Validation Status, Work Area Cloning, Work Area usage intent
  • Implement Standards ie. Hierarchy (Global / TA / Drug) and Multiple (Internal, CDISC, ...)
  • Manage protocol amendments (new source table columns, etc)
  • Create Snapshots and Interim Analyses
  • Pool Data i.e. Setting up indication level, drug level pooled data and Handling addition of new studies
  • Build large data warehousesE

Installing LSH &Administering LSH

  • Configure Hardware
  • Install E-Business Suite (Summary only)
  • Upgrade the database
  • Install Oracle Thesaurus Management
  • Configure SAS
  • Configure/Set up environment for high availability
  • Start And Stop Services And Queues
  • Search for and stop LSH Jobs
  • Create and manage database accounts
  • Manage Statistics and Table Spaces
  • Manage Start and Stop queues

Data Model and APIs

  • Use the Data Model i.e. Namings, naming versions, Satellite tables
  • Test Database Views
  • Execute APIs
  • Create, Modify, and Remove Definitional APIs
  • Create Classification APIs, Security APIs and Validation APIs

LSH Automation / Interface scenarios

  • Perform daily data loads of data from Oracle Clinical upon batch validation completion for a study
  • Perform a data load of Lab data when files arrive in a pre-defined folder
  • Use LSH full and partical Export / Import functions (Metadata, Data, Source code, etc.)

Building Adapters

  • Load adapters design pattern
  • Build CDR_Adapter_Areas and CDR_Technology_Types
  • Build Source Data Adapters i.e. Oracle tables, SAS and OC Adapters
  • Build Load Adapter for a file system based adapter
  • Build visualization and Reporting Adapters i.e. discoverer, OBIEE
  • Build Transformation Adapters i.e. SAS or Informatics
  • Build LSH Adaptors

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