Oracle User Productivity Kit 11 Implementation Consultant Essentials
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Oracle User Productivity Kit 11 Implementation Consultant Essentials

Код: 1Z0-566
продолжительность: 120 минут
Язык обучения: English
Тестовая система: Pearson VUE
Филиал: Москва


Exam Topics:

Get Started using the Developer

  • Access and Manage the library
  • Work with Documents and Document Editors
  • Work with Content and Option Defaults
  • Set Player and Preview Defaults
  • Manage Recorder Defaults and Settings
  • Work with Content in Archives or Content from a Previous Version

Use the Developer in a Multi-user Environment

  • Work Online or Offline
  • Check in, Check out, Permission and Version Documents
  • Manage Folder Conflicts
  • Delete and Restore Documents
  • Manage Workflow

Manage the Library

  • Design a Library
  • Work with Documents (Create, Edit, Manage, Delete, Modify)
  • Copy and Paste Special in the Library
  • Create, Manage and Customize Views
  • Explain the functions related to System Folder
  • Update the Library with Service Packs
  • Upgrade Custom Document Publishing Styles

Build an Outline

  • Develop and navigate an Outline
  • Replace a Font

Record Topic Content

  • Explain Recorder Logic and Recorder Context Recognition
  • Use the Topic Recorder

Use the Topic Editor

  • Undo and Redo in the Topic Editor
  • Control Topic Elements
  • Manipulate Frames
  • Use Alternative Actions and Paths
  • Use Decision Frames
  • Edit Frame and Associated Properties

Enhance Content with Attachments

  • Enhance Content
  • Publish using Web Page Behavior Considerations
  • Create a Custom Icon

Enhance Content with Sound

  • Record and Edit Sound Using Best Practices

Enhance Content with Questions and Assessments

  • Track Questions and Assessments in Player Content
  • Use Assessments and Assessment Summary Page
  • Configure Personalized Content
  • Design and develop Questions and Assessments
  • Work with the Assessment Coverage View
  • Work with Associated Content

Manage Document Relationships

  • View Related Documents
  • Work with Broken Links

Define Glossary Terms

  • Create, Manage, Assign and Update Glossaries

Create Roles for Content Filtering

  • Create and Manage Roles and Master Role List
  • Assign Roles to Modules, Sections, Topics, Questions, or Assessments

Working with Document Properties

  • Work with Document Properties
  • Set Document Properties

Publish Content

  • Explain Deployment and Document Formats
  • Explain the Three Methods of Publishing Content
  • Customize Deployment and Document Outputs

Localize Content

  • Explain the Localization Process and Formats
  • Import/Export Content for Localization

Customize Templates

  • Edit the Template.xml File
  • Edit or Suppress Example Text for String Input Events
  • Add a Local Template to an Event
  • Change Instructional Text
  • Translate Templates

Deploy Content

  • Play Content from a Local Hard Drive or Web Server
  • Use Content through a Learning Management System (LMS)

Deploy Content via Help Integration (HINT)

  • Knowledge Center User and Content Management

Understand the Manager User Interface

  • Work in the Manager User Interface

Manage Users and User Groups

  • Create, Manage and Enroll Users into User Groups and Knowledge Paths

Manage Knowledge Paths

  • Work with Knowledge Paths (Create, Edit, Manage, Delete, Modify)
  • Work with Activities in Knowledge Paths (Create, Edit, Manage, Delete, Modify)

Manage Titles

  • Import a Title
  • Re-import a Title

Manage Custom User Fields

  • Describe Custom Field Types and Options

Use Knowledge Path Categories

  • Describe Knowledge Path Categories

Use Workgroups

  • Work with Workgroups (Create, Edit, Manage, Delete, Modify)

Use and Manage Reporting

  • Use and Manage Knowledge Center Reports

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