Oracle Retail Point-of-Service Technical Essentials
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Oracle Retail Point-of-Service Technical Essentials

Код: 1Z0-572
продолжительность: 120 минут
Язык обучения: English
Тестовая система: Pearson VUE
Филиал: Москва


Exam Topics:

Key Features and Functions

  • Explain how Oracle Retail Store Solutions work as part of the Oracle Retail Footprint
  • Describe other key applications in the Oracle Retail Footprint

Physical Architecture

  • Explain the physical infrastructure of Store solutions applications
  • Identify the recommended hardware and network topology for a typical large and distributed deployment
  • Describe the third party software and hardware required for a Store Solution deployment

Application Architecture and Standards

  • Explain the technical architecture and subsystems of Store solutions
  • Describe the components present in the logical architecture of Oracle Retail Store solutions applications
  • Explain the service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach in Store solutions applications
  • Explain the advantages of the technical architecture used in Store solutions applications
  • Illustrate examples of data entity relationships
  • Describe the key data entity relationships present in Store solutions
  • Identify the retail industry supported in the POS Suite (ARTS Data Model and IXREtail POSLog)
  • Describe the technology standards for the POS Suite (XML, SOAP, HTTP, HTML, J2EE)


  • Handle sensitive information in the POS Suite
  • Describe the areas where PA-DSS standards impact the POS Suite

Logical Architecture POS BO CO

  • Explain the Logical Architecture for POS BO CO


  • Perform installation of POS
  • Perform installation of BO
  • Perform installation of CO

Application Configuration

  • Perform Configuration of POS
  • Perform Configuration of BO
  • Perform Configuration of CO

Data Architecture and Data Model

  • Explain the data flow in the Store solutions architecture
  • Describe the data sources in the Store solutions architecture
  • Describe the data architect roles in Stores Solutions
  • Examine the data model for POS BO CO
  • Describe the typical roles and responsibilities of a data architect working with Store solutions applications

Integration Points / Integration Technologies

  • Describe the typical integration points for Store solutions
  • Distinguish the integration technologies used in Store solutions

Interface Definitions

  • Explain the interface definitions used in the integration of Store solutions

Deployment Options with Non Functional Architecture

  • Describe different deployment options used in Store solutions

Performance and Service Level Agreements

  • Explain Scalability and service quality considerations for Store Solutions
  • Compare fault tolerance approaches used in Stores Solutions
  • Explain Deployment and support processes for Store Solutions


  • Describe configuration options for internationalization in the POS Suite
  • Explain approaches for locale specific business practices in ORPOS

Extensions and Customizations

  • Compare Upgrade considerations for Customization and Extension Approaches
  • Use Manager Technician pattern for customization
  • Explain patterns for Extending Tours
  • Differentiate Domain extension and persistence approaches
  • Customize Swing UI components
  • Interface to new Devices
  • Customize JSP's in web applications

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