Primavera Contract Management Essentials
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Primavera Contract Management Essentials

Код: 1Z0-582
продолжительность: 150 минут
Язык обучения: English
Тестовая система: Pearson VUE
Филиал: Москва


Exam Topics:

Introduction to Contract Management

  • Describe the advantages of using contract Management
  • Log in to Contract Management
  • Navigate Contract Management
  • Customize the Project View in the main window

Setting up and Working with Company Directory

  • Add a new company
  • Create contacts
  • Edit contact information
  • Distinguish between group and project contacts
  • Copy contacts from another project
  • Create distribution lists from contacts in a project
  • Designate companies or contacts as inactive

Contract Management Administration

  • Define access templates
  • Grant user access
  • Set up user accounts
  • Explain the purpose of content management
  • Manage user password settings
  • Importing Reports & Forms from a folder location

Creating a project

  • Create a new project using the add project wizard

Modify the Control Center

  • Customize the control center in the main window
  • Manage control center objects
  • Configure a workspace

Track Document

  • Explain the distribution process
  • Create transmittals from distribution lists
  • Use the transmittal queue
  • Package a group of drawings as a set
  • Distribute drawings to project participants

Communicate Project Information

  • Document a telephone record
  • Enter a request for information
  • Record an answer to a request for information

Document Project Issues

  • Define an issue
  • Create an issue
  • Link documents and attachments to an issue
  • Document an issue by searching through project documents and attachments

Contract and Trends

  • Add a contract
  • Distribute document values to the cost worksheet
  • Use trends to account for anticipated costs
  • Use Line Items, Lump Sum and Unit Price
  • Generate Material records
  • Set Cost options and Markup for Changes
  • Differentiate between Budget and Committed

Manage Project Costs

  • Define the cost process in a project
  • View a cost coding structure
  • Define the cost worksheet
  • Explain how document values are distributed
  • View the source documents from a cost code

Award Procurement Items

  • Document bids
  • Compare bids
  • Award procurement items

Payment Requisitions and Invoices

  • Determine requisition options
  • Generate a requisition from a contract
  • Create a schedule of values
  • Balance the requisition
  • Retrieve approved change orders
  • Record status for requisitions
  • Distribute actual cost to the worksheet
  • Add invoices to a contract or purchase order

Log and Track Submittals

  • Document submittal items and packages
  • Assign status submittals
  • Identify the responsible part (Ball in Court)
  • Incorporate multiple reviewers
  • Create transmittals from submittals
  • Set up an approval process
  • Configure the approval process for a document
  • Use an approval process
  • Use Dunning letters to notify participants

Track Drawings

  • Record and view drawing logs
  • Create transmittals from distribution lists
  • Use transmittal queue
  • Package a group of drawings to the drawing set
  • Add multiple drawings to the drawing set
  • Distribute drawings to project participants

Record Project Communications

  • Create daily reports
  • Document daily progress
  • Generate daily reports and meeting minutes
  • Record and print meeting minutes

Change Management

  • Describe the change management workflow process
  • Define change management phases
  • Define project settings for document flow
  • Save versions of documents
  • Create, link and reference change documents
  • Trace estimated, quoted, negotiated and final change values

Customize the View in the Log Window

  • Create a layout
  • Filter a layout
  • Sort a layout
  • Group a layout
  • Export logs to excel
  • Customize project and document view
  • Create custom fields
  • Use custom fields

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