Java Foundations 
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Java Foundations 

Код: 1Z0-811
продолжительность: 150 минут
Язык обучения: English
Тестовая система: Pearson VUE
Филиал: Москва


What Is Java?

  • Describe the features of Java
  • Describe the real-world applications of Java

Java Basics

  • Describe the Java Development Kit (JDK) and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  • Describe the components of object-oriented programming
  • Describe the components of a basic Java program
  • Compile and execute a Java program

Basic Java Elements

  • Identify the conventions to be followed in a Java program
  • Use Java reserved words
  • Use single-line and multi-line comments in Java programs
  • Import other Java packages to make them accessible in your code
  • Describe the java.lang package

Working with Java Data Types

  • Declare and initialize variables including a  variable using final
  • Cast a value from one data type to another including automatic and manual promotion
  • Declare and initialize a String variable

Working with Java Operator

  • Use basic arithmetic operators to manipulate data including +, -, *, /, and %
  • Use the increment and decrement operators
  • Use relational operators including ==, !=, >, >=, <, and <=
  • Use arithmetic assignment operators
  • Use conditional operators including &&, ||, and ?
  • Describe the operator precedence and use of parenthesis

Working with the String Class

  • Develop code that uses methods from the String class
  • Format Strings using escape sequences including %d, %n, and %s

Working with the Random and Math Classes

  • Use the Random class
  • Use the Math class

Using Decision Statements

  • Use the decision making statement  (if-then and if-then-else)
  • Use the switch statement
  • Compare how == differs between primitives and objects
  • Compare two String objects by using the compareTo and equals methods

Using Looping Statements

  • Describe looping statements
  • Use a for loop including an enhanced for loop
  • Use a while loop
  • Use a do- while loop
  • Compare and contrast the for, while, and do-while loops
  • Develop code that uses break and continue statements

Debugging and Exception Handling

  • Identify syntax and logic errors
  • Use exception handling
  • Handle common exceptions thrown
  • Use try and catch blocks

Arrays and ArrayLists 

  • Use a one-dimensional array
  • Create and manipulate an ArrayList
  • Traverse the elements of an ArrayList by using iterators and loops including the enhanced for loop
  • Compare an array and an ArrayList

Classes and Constructors

  • Create a new class including a main method
  • Use the private modifier
  • Describe the relationship between an object and its members
  • Describe the difference between a class variable, an instance variable, and a local variable
  • Develop code that creates an object's default constructor and modifies the object's fields
  • Use constructors with and without parameters
  • Develop code that overloads constructors

Java Methods

  • Describe and create a method
  • Create and use accessor and mutator methods
  • Create overloaded methods
  • Describe a static method and demonstrate its use within a program

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